By Daniel Sharon

How Is Augmented Reality Changing The Way We Tell Stories?

Long gone are the days when augmented reality (AR) was seen as some sort of gimmick, big business are evolving AR and incorporating it into their products to enhance them and to put them above their competitors.

In much the same way that VR is now becoming a much-used medium (especially in gaming) so too is augmented reality. Google is currently updating their maps to incorporate AR, and with Pokemon Go really pushing AR into an enjoyable, long-term gaming concept, more and more businesses want to adopt AR and a lot of them are using it for the purpose of storytelling and making that storytelling interactive.

Companies are embracing AR with their storytelling

Storytelling isn’t just the art of telling a literal story from a book, it can be used in many different ways to take the user on a journey and get them to understand a concept in a relatable, concise and immersive way.

Many museums now use AR to allow visitors to interact with their exhibits. What better way is there to engross your audience than to make them part of the things they are learning about. Most of the exhibits that use AR relate to that of dinosaurs because they really make a statement. Taking something that nobody has ever seen move around and making them move in the museum’s surroundings, etches that subject matter into a person’s mind.

What can we expect in the future AR storytelling?

Augmented reality is here to stay and not only for the technology-embracing millennials. It is evolving through every new product that is brought to market and is enticing more people to use it within their everyday lives. It can be used in any industry from commercial airlines, education, retail, healthcare, and advertising to name a few.

Imagine being on an airplane and looking out of the window and being told an interactive narrative of the places you are flying over and the history, making long haul flights a learning experience.

Going into shops and holding your phone up to a mannequin or even yourself in a selfie camera and seeing how each bit of clothing range will look like on you and your friends.

Taking an iPad into school to have WWII enacted on your desk in front of you while your teacher explains the finer details. Education will no doubt be a big beneficiary of advances in AR.

The possibilities are endless, people crave to immerse themselves into a mixed reality where information and fun can be interacted with in real time and in real locations. It is no longer a gimmick, it is a technology that will shape the way we learn, communicate and tell stories with each other for many years to come.


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